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$3 Cooling Shroud

$3 Cooling Shroud


We believe that cooling your E-Mag should be done aggressively and that will help in most (if not all) issues people been reporting.

Having a blast tube is great but we wanted to try a cooling shroud so we set out to create one using Fiberglass.

The initial plan was to create a two parts mold first but after we actually created a sample, we liked it so much that we want to test it first as this shroud probably will do the job for under $3!   The photos speak for themselves. The plastic JB weld was something we found in the cabinet, a little bit of sanding would make it fine, but probably next sample we use something thinner.

We should put our new cooling shroud to the test soon in our experimental Lancair. If you do try one yourself, leave us a comment what you think. Though you may need a way to find out if the temperature is less after using one.  We will be using our iPad App and Engine Bridge hardware to compare before and after.

So, without further due, here are the steps in full colors  $3 Cooling Shroud  

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