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Engine Bridge EI for iPad is approved for Apple Store release


Finally, we managed to stop adding features to the iPad app and sent it to the App Store Review Team.  Engine Bridge EI iPad app received approval to be listed on the store and going to be active within days.  

Some update and news:

  • It was decided to put a price tag of $1.99 for the iOS application. However,  a $2 discount will be automatically applied on any purchase of the hardware.  Main reason is resource allocation also to be able to support the application to customers who bought the hardware.  
  • Hardware unit now includes a panel mounted LED; installation the LED is optional.  Module alerts pilots to shift in both TACH signals (if using Two E-Mags and both TACH signals are connected to the module).  Also, a 10 sec LED Flash can be enabled to alert every 5,10,15,20,30 min, continuously without having to manually reset the timer, this can be used for Fuel Tank change reminder and so on.
  • More features added…… Check the Module page and App store within days.


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