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V2 of Engine Bridge EI is just being finalized!


UPDATE: Unit fully operational and available for sale.  https://www.enginebridge.com/product/engine-bridge-ei/

If you are flying with Dynon EMS or G3X or MGL, or any other EMS/EFIS that accept 0-5V Analog Input to show on the Glass Panel, ask us how to get All PMags data into your Glass panel using Analog.


Even though the testing and trials for the first batch of Engine Bridge EI (for E-Mag Ignitions) Module are very successful; still, it was decided we fabricate V2 of the Module and offer that new updated hardware for sale rather than the current unit.

The feedback we received from first batch of customers are great.  Only a minor issue to allow one TACH signal to be sent to Dynon EFIS if our unit is capturing both TACH signals for shift deviation.   

I know we have received some emails asking when the unit will be offered for sale; as soon as we get our V2 fabricated and checked.  

The iPad App already been approved by Apple to be listed and we will have it up and running in the App store shortly just once we stock our units.

Do please send us an email to Sales ‘at’ EngineBridge.com if you have any question or would like more information about our products.


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