Landing Height Controller

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    1. Thank you for your interest. Yes, the Landing Height Controller is available. It sends out audio callout through airplane intercom or directly to your headset if intercom panel is not available.

    1. The Landing Height Controller is a standalone unit, it does not matter what EFIS is installed. It connects to the included GARMIN LIDAR using three pins, and connect to your Audio Panel (or headset directly) using other two-pins. Pilot hear the height callout starting at 70 feet when they are coming in to land.

      Thank you for your interest.

    1. We can modify the firmware to do that if needed. Though if its in meters, then the last callout would be 1 meter which is pretty high to flare. There are different techniques to use it, some customers reported back they flare when they hear 1 (in feet). Other said they bleed the speed when they hear 1, in this case the controller will repeat 1, then 1 then 1.

  1. Is it water proof for use on a seaplane? Would be great for glassy water landings.

    Installed on the wing, not the belly, but would still get a good bath on take-off.

    1. This exact unit is not suitable for seaplane. We do have another unit that is designed for seaplane. Though only for experimental airplanes. Do you have an experimental seaplane? If so, do contact our email address for further details.

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