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PMag Controller with Analog Outputs


We are happy to announce our latest product; a PMag Electronic Ignition Controller with Wi-Fi interface so any device such as iPhone, Android phones, iPads, Laptop or PCs can connect to it and view/edit any PMag Settings.

It also offered up to 4-channel Analog Output per PMag to view these data LIVE on a Glass Panel. Checkout on the product page. Now offered with special Launch pricing for July shipping.


  1. How do you use it to diagnose pmag problems such as a bad plug or coil pack starting to fail.
    Looks like the perfect product to monitor pmag.

    Ric Coghlin

    July 4, 2019

    • Thanks for dropping by. A reported dwell time between 2 & 3 is normal. A higher number or 0 indicates an issue.
      Based on writeup from E-Mag available for download at their site:
      “Series 114 units have components that report the ignition coil discharge rate.
      a. A rapid discharge rate indicates a spark plug or plug lead is fouled (shorted).
      b. A slow discharge rate indicates a spark plug or plug lead is open (broken).

      Lancair 360

      July 4, 2019

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