Experimental Airplane Solutions


Microkit Solutions is a new engineering firm that is specialized in control and communication systems for the Experimental airplane and homebuilt sector along with general Control Systems that can be used in different industries.  Our team has over 25 years of experience in designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and implementing microcontroller based hardware/software solutions along with over 20 years of flying and building experimental airplanes.  Combine both and we get Engine Bridge; a hardware unit that connects a bridge between your airplane engine and your tablet.

We are designing Engine Bridge product range to be scalable, cover different sectors and offer solutions that otherwise either more expensive or does not exist.

Over the next few months, we will be releasing several Engine Bridge products like our Engine Bridge EI (Electronic Ignition(already partially released).  This unit communicates and control E-Mag Electronic Ignition series 113 & 114. It gives users full control to view and edit E-Mag Ignition configuration using an iPad/iPhone interface designed for Engine Bridge EI.

We have sent out few units for testing and our Pre-Release introduction video is available here so be sure to check it out.

Scheduled for pre-release this February is Engine Bridge EMS (Engine Management System), this is a CANBus interface unit which communicates with compatible Remote Data Acquisition units like MGL RDAC and puts all you engine information including RPM, Cylinder head & Exhaust temperature, Fuel flow and tank level to your iPad. This acts as a backup if your main EFIS or display failed or even as a primary unit for old airplanes that wish to keep old gauges without disturbing their panel with any new look.

The same unit will have an extra optional interface which allows users to control virtual switches for on/off control from the iPad as well. Engine Bridge EMS will be pre-released soon.

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