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Is my device compatible with Bluetooth LE


All Engine Bridge modules use Bluetooth LE which stands for Low Energy. It being marketed as “Bluetooth Smart”.

BLE is basically an extension of Bluetooth focused on low energy, making it suitable for all kinds of small smart devices and hardware. BLE is becoming the standard protocol for Internet of Things (IoT) smart units ranging from heart monitors, health and fitness, industrial units and much more.

The minimum preferred platform for using BLE on iOS is iOS 8+.  Built in support for BLE if used in one of the following hardware:

  • iPhone 4s / 5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPad, 3rd / 4th generation
  • iPad mini / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4
  • iPad Air / Air 2
  • iPad Pro series

Engine Bridge EI iOS app includes a test function to report back if the device is compatible with BLE.

There are also many free iOS apps that can be used to check if your device is Bluetooth LE capable.