Experimental Airplane Solutions

Pressure Sensor (0-2000 PSI)

Pressure Sensor for non-corrosive liquid or gas.

Two of these pressure sensors come with our Landing Gear Pressure Controller.  If you need extra or for custom applications order here.


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We use these to measure the hydraulic oil pressure in Lancair (and other compatible) Landing Gear setup.

Can be used with any non-corrosive gas or fluid to measure pressure from 0 to 2000 PSI.  Output is ratiometric where 0.5V is measured on the signal pin when the pressure is 0 PSI and 4.5V when 2000 PSI or higher is applied.

  • Power Supply: 5 VDC
  • Output 0.5-4.5 VDC ratiometric
  • Pressure range: 0-2000 PSI
  • Max pressure: 3000 PSI
  • Damage Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Working Temp: -20 ~ 120 °C
  • Response time: 2ms
  • Male NPT 1/8″
  • Sensor: SS316/ceramic/diffused-silicon piezoresistance
  • Cover: SS314 – IP65