PMag Controller (Analog Output & WIFI)


PMag Electronic Ignition Controller 

(Analog Outputs & Wi-Fi edition)

See your PMag data on your Glass Panel!


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Engine Bridge Electronic Ignition Controller connects to one or two E-Mag PMag Electronic ignition modules.

Any WIFI-capable device with a browser such as iPhones, Android phones, Tablets, iPads and Laptop/PCs can access the Controller and view/edit all settings. 

This Controller has 8-Channels (4 Channels per PMag) Analog Outputs 0-5V to view the data LIVE on any capable Glass Panel with EMS (Engine Monitoring System)/Sensors module. 

The Advance Angle, Temperature and dwell time can be monitored throughout the flight on a Glass Panel using these analog outputs.

The built-in WI-FI system allows viewing and editing any PMag settings.

Checkout the User’s & Installation Guide for full controller software details and installation.














































A customer’s installation on a Dynon.















Another installation on a Dynon EFIS












An installation on Garmin G3X




















PMag Controller (Analog Output & WIFI)

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