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PMag Controller (Analog Output & WIFI)


PMag Electronic Ignition Controller 

(Analog Outputs & Wi-Fi edition)

See your PMag data on your Glass Panel!


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Engine Bridge Electronic Ignition Controller connects to one or two E-Mag PMag Electronic ignition modules.

Any WIFI-capable device with a browser such as iPhones, Android phones, Tablets, iPads and Laptop/PCs can access the Controller and view/edit all settings. 

This Controller has 8-Channels (4 Channels per PMag) Analog Outputs 0-5V to view the data LIVE on any capable Glass Panel with EMS (Engine Monitoring System)/Sensors module.  The Advance Angle, Temperature and dwell time can be monitored throughout the flight on a Glass Panel using these analog outputs.

The built-in WI-FI system allows viewing and editing any PMag settings.


Download the User’s & Installation Guide (V1.2)


Firmware 1.4 is now available.   Download the firmware file along with the Update procedure PDF here:

PMag Controller HW V1.4

V1.4 Notes:

This update lets the Controller keep searching for PMags after the initial one minute timeout.  

It is recommended to power the PMags & Controller at the same time, but for those who have their PMags on a separate switch and usually power the Controller first then this update solves the need to Restart the Controller after powering up the PMag.

If you have both PMags & Controller connected to the same power switch and bus, No need to update to this version.


See the Dynon SV Sensor Def files and BAR graphics bar file shared by some customers.  Use this as basis of your own file.  Adjust PIN numbers and setting the 10K pull-up value on that pin to match the EMS Pins used.  Dynon Sensor Def files

​Here are some photos shared by some customers on the Analog Outputs showing on a Dynon EFIS


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