PMag Controller (iPad & Bluetooth)

Controls one or two E-Mag Electronic Ignition modules for your compatible Experimental airplane engine.


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The Bluetooth edition is now discontinued.  Wi-Fi edition replaces this unit fully even for those who don’t have Analog Inputs or Glass Panels or do not need to use that feature.

Checkout the new Wi-Fi edition which works on any device (iOs, Android and PCs) and offers Analog Output to EFIS/EMS units: PMag Controller (Wi-Fi & Analog Outputs)


It’s a hand-held size controller that can be installed anywhere behind the panel or seats. It connects to one or two PMag modules via the two communication pins of each PMag. Settings and viewing of running parameters are then viewed on the iPad app using Bluetooth.

Engine Bridge EI is a hardware module that gives you full control over E-Mag ignition.  

The iPad App includes a full simulator mode where one can test all features of the system without even having the controller.
Please “Contact us” to send you back a Promo Code to allow downloading the App for FREE without the need to purchase it.

The App was put with a value just to limit the many unrelated downloads.

Download the guide here

Small size, can be installed anywhere behind the panel.

Works on One or Two E-Mag ignition units

Full and real-time control for all parameters

iPad App to control/monitor and set your E-Mag modules

Allows control of spark advance Settings

Uses Bluetooth Low Energy

Save up to 10 Preset to load all parameters at once


PMag Controller (iPad & Bluetooth)
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