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Landing Gear Warning Module


“Check Landing Gear” Audio warning module.


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“Check Landing Gear” audio alert.

  • Pilot set speed
  • Configuration option to only arm the alert when reaching 5 knots more than the set speed. 
  • Can be configured to alert during take off as a functional test of the system on each take off
  • Option to hear: “Gear Warning Active” when reaching the Set Speed

The Landing Gear Warning Module monitors airspeed using the built-in Pitot/Static differential pressure sensor and warns the pilot through the intercom/headset when the pilot-set speed is reached while the Gear Switch is still indicating UP position.

Simply TEE into your Pitot/Static tubes and connect a wire between the Gear Switch UP Position and this module.

The alert air speed is pre-set to 90 knots but can be changed using the included USB port.

The system is configured to ‘arm’ the alert when the airspeed reaches or passes (Set Speed + 5 knots).  This prevents the alert callout while taking off and the Gear is being retracted.    This feature can be disabled using a jumper so callout will be heard which some pilots may find useful to indicate the system is functional.

Also, using another Jumper, an option to hear: “Gear Warning Active” can be selected.  This callout occurs when the airspeed reaches the Set Speed.


Check out the User’s & Installation Guide

Download Windows OS Terminal Program & drivers (to change the Set Speed)