Inner Gear Doors Sequence Manifold


Inner Gear Doors Sequence Manifold.

Replaces the Hydraulic Sequence Valves for Inner gear doors with a Limit Switch.

For Hydraulic systems only and similar to Lancair equipped landing gear system.


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This system replaces both (or all three) Hydraulic Sequence Valves usually found on retractable experimental landing gear airplanes which allows the Inner Gear Doors to close after the gear is retracted.

The Hydraulic Sequence valves along with the plumbing are removed and replaced with Plunger type switches or Limit switches to indicate Landing Gear is fully Up.

The system includes a single spring-loaded Hydraulic Valve Solenoid that is fail-safe at all stages of the flight.  

The system includes 

  • Two Plunger-Switches 
  • Solenoid valve & Manifold
  • Controller Unit.

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NOTE: This unit does not close the inner gear door when the Landing Gear extends.  Contact us if you interested in the system that closes the inner gear door after the gear goes down as well.


Inner Gear Doors Sequence Manifold

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in
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