Landing Gear Inner Doors Controller

Closes inner gear doors after the landing gear is extended.

For Hydraulic systems only and similar to Lancair equipped landing gear system.

First production run completed.  Please contact us if you are interested to be included in future production runs.


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Landing Gear system inner doors such as on the experimental Lancair 320/360 & Legacy models, are kept opened when the gear is extended.  On the 300 series models this is not an issue as these doors are normally small; however on Legacy models or if one would want to use larger inner doors, this could be problematic due to the size of the doors such as flapping in the wind and maintenance issues with the attachments and such.      

This Inner Doors Controller allows the landing gear inner doors cylinders to retract after the gear is extended.  It also controls closing these doors after the gear is retracted.

Inner Doors Controller works on both mains inner doors cylinders only or on all three doors if one wishes to include the nose door cylinder.

Inner Doors Controller diverts pressure from the currently active side (either the High-Side when the landing gear is retracted or the Low-Side when the landing gear is extended to the Inner Doors cylinders.  

A Pressure Sensor is included to detect the status of the inner doors.  This system is fully compatible with the existing dump valve which allows all doors to open/extend in the event of power loss after these doors are closed/retracted.

The sequence valves commonly used to retract the inner doors cylinders are not required and can be replaced with a standard electrical plunger switch or limit switches to indicate the gear is fully retracted.

Dimensions: Height: 4″. Length: 7.6″. Width: 4.2″ (Base. With the Stepper motor: Width 6.5″).

Weight: 5.8 lb.




Landing Gear Inner Doors Controller
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