Landing Gear Pressure Controller (WiFi & Analog Output)


View & Control your Landing Gear Pressure levels.  WiFi + Analog Outputs.


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This is the 3rd edition of the Landing Gear Pressure Controller.   

This edition adds two Analog Outputs (0-5V) that provide live pressure readings of both sides of the pump.

These outputs can be added to an unused Analog sensor input of an EMS/EFIS.



This edition is compatible with the pinouts of the 1st edition (Bluetooth). 

For customers using the 1st edition controller, this is a direct swap.   

For customers using the 2nd edition (WiFi), use the provided crimp type connector & pins for wiring.

There is an upgrade path with discount to upgrade from Bluetooth version or WiFi only version to the WiFi + Analog Output edition. Please contact us for more details.


The Landing Gear design on several experimental airplanes like Lancair & Velocity uses an Oildyne 108 Hydraulic pump (or similar) for the landing gear.  This pump has two ports; a High side & a Low side.

A mechanical pressure switch is used on each port to cut/supply pump power depending on the Gear Switch position and the pressure level of these lines.    This controller replaces these two pressure switches with pressure sensors.  With this solution, you can view/monitor/control your pressure using any WiFi enabled device such as phones, tablets or PCs

This is a straightforward replacement of the two pressure switches. The 4 lines connected to the two Pressure Switches connect to this controller.  No other modifications are needed.  Controller able to read and display live pressure readings on both lines and gives full control over the thresholds to when to start/stop/restart the pump.

Package includes the Controller unit only.  Pressure Sensors are not included.

Use with 0.5V-4.5V Gauge Pressure Sensors.  Controller provides +5VDC pin output to supply power to 5VDC Sensors.


  • Digital Pressure gauges for both pressure lines
  • Analog Outputs for for both pressure lines for live display on EFIS/EMS
  • Set and Modify the Upper Pressure Limit directly and easily
  • Set the Restart Pressure Level
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Option to briefly run the ‘Down’ or ‘Up’ Pump side regardless of pressure
  • Fully controlled with any phone/Table
  • Connects to any Pressure sensor that offers 0.5V to 4.5V ratiometric output.


Download the Landing Gear Pressure Controller (WiFi + Analog) Installation Guide








Landing Gear Pressure Controller (WiFi & Analog Output)

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