Landing Gear Pressure Controller

View & control your Landing Gear Pressure levels.




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This product is now replaced with the WiFi Edition found here.  

The Landing Gear design on several experimental airplanes like Lancair & Velocity uses an Oildyne 108 Hydraulic pump (or similar) for the landing gear.  This pump has two ports; a High side & a Low side.

A mechanical pressure switch is used on each port to cut/supply pump power depending on the Gear Switch position and the pressure level of these lines.    This controller replaces these two pressure switches with pressure sensors.  With this solution, you can view/monitor/control your pressure using an iOS device.  

This is a straightforward replacement of the two pressure switches. The 4 lines connected to the two Pressure Switches connect to this controller.  No other modifications are needed.  Controller able to read and display live pressure readings on both lines and gives full control over the thresholds to when to start/stop/restart the pump.


Package includes the Controller unit and two High-Pressure Sensors (2500 PSI)



      • – Digital Pressure gauges for both pressure lines.


      • – Set and Modify the Upper Pressure Limit directly and easily.


      • – Set the Restart Pressure Level.


      • – Counts the number of times the pump had to briefly run to up the pressure and this can be used for an early indication for maintenance.


      • – Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled.


      • – Set Pump Run Period.  This protects the pump from long period of operation by stopping the pump to cool down


      • – Option to briefly run the ‘Down’ Pump side regardless of pressure to aid in situations where both pressure lines are high and the switch is moved from Up to Down.


      • – Fully controlled with iOS iPhone/iPad.


      • – Operate the Landing Gear with delayed action to allow for time to check/see and monitor how the gear is being activated.


      • – Full hardware firmware upgrade/update OTA (Over The Air)


      • – View Mode – Keep Pressure Switches, attach Pressure Sensors anywhere and monitor your pressure. 


      • – Three (3) 12v Input Channels for extra Gear Indication LEDs or Gear Door Closure LEDs.


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Landing Gear Pressure Controller
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