Landing Gear Safety Controller

Landing Gear airspeed Safety controller with Auto-extend feature for experimental airplanes.


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This Controller is now replaced with the Advance Gear Safety Controller which offers Audio prompts instead of LED flashes and offers direct Wi-Fi Speed Set up.  

Please email us for Coupon Code to use the Advance Controller as Gear Safety Controller only.


Gear UP Safety with Auto-Extend Landing Gear

This is a ‘Universal’ controller.  It fits any experimental airplane with a landing gear.    It allows you to set ‘your own’ speed called (V-up) for enabling Gear UP position.  This replaces your current air safety switch if installed. It can also be installed after your air safety switch.

The air safety switch is basically an airspeed sensor which sits between your mechanical gear switch and your landing gear pump, controller or motor.   Once airspeed passes a certain speed; power coming in from Gear Up position is allowed to reach your pump.  This prevents the gear going up if the airplane is sitting on the ground and someone puts the gear switch to the UP position.

The issue with some of these air safety switches is the set speed.  Some of these switches are set lower than rotation speed for some airplane.  For example, our test airplane (Lancair 360) rotation speed is around 70kt.  The switch that was previously installed allowed the power to reach the pump after passing 50kt.  This is fine as long as the gear switch is on Down position.    However, if during maintenance the gear switch was left UP unnoticed; the nose gear would go up during next take off run causing prop strike before the plane rotates.

It connects to your Pitot & Static tubes and includes a temperature calibrated and compensated differential pressure sensor to measures air speed.


This feature (if enabled) automatically lowers the landing gear if your low set speed is reached (V-Auto).  The controller will flash the LED 5 sec to get your attention that it is going to lower the landing gear.

Both speeds (V-up & V-Auto) can be set and re-set anytime during flight by entering setup mode.

An override switch pin (or circuit-breaker) connection is available to override Auto-Extend for the rare situation where you don’t want the landing gear extended even if you reached very low-speed.

UPDATED – Download Setup & Wiring guide here


  • Set custom Gear Up enable Speed.


  • Set custom Auto-extension threshold speed


  • Panel mounted mini LED & push button for feedback & setup


  • Temperature compensated airspeed sensor


  • Override option for auto-extension (if enabled) using an external button or circuit breaker to disable this feature temporarily during air-works, training, air-shows and such.


  • Designed with communications ports for future external connections and enhancements.


  • Straightforward setup & installation almost anywhere behind your panel.



Landing Gear Safety Controller
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