Landing Height Controller

Height callout solution for experimental airplanes.   

Ground Proximity Callouts down to Touch Down!!


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NOW FAA Approved for installations on FAA Certified Airplanes.  

For FAA Certified units, please visit

This edition of the Landing Height System is now being retired.  Check out the High-Performance edition of the Landing Height System.

Landing Height Controller is already installed on several type airplanes such as RV, Long-EZ, Lancair, Pressurized Lancair IV, and even a non-electric Piper Cub (with a 9V Alkaline battery!!)

Customers actual feedback:

– Perfect when going to a wider or different width runway.

– Precise and perfect landing each time.

– Helped me a lot at night landings with my not-so-bright landing light


This video collects various clips from the videos below and shows only the Landing Height Controller


A video sent from one of our VAN’s RV customers showing his Landing Height Controller call-outs during a shallow approach for landing.


Here is another one installed on a Lancair IV-P

This Landing Height Controller (LHC) announces the distance in feet above actual ground level during landing.
The latest release of the Landing Height Controller uses Wi-Fi.  Use your Phone/iPad to connect to the controller, see the LIDAR return value and set the options/configuration.
Installation Guide & Software:

Ground Proximity callouts down to Touch down offers the following great advantages and safety features:

  • When being used to 50 ft wide runway then visiting a 100 ft or 150 ft wide runways.
  • Night landings especially when not current.
  • When transitioning from a slower/trainer airplane to a higher-performance airplane.

Landing Height Controller provides height callout in feet from 70 feet down to zero feet.

Bundled with Garmin LIDAR-Lite V3 which is a Class 1 Laser module that is a Class 1 laser that is safe under all conditions of normal use.    The Garmin LIDAR-Lite V3 is is compact and weight 0.78 oz (22g).

The Garmin LIDAR can be installed at any location pointing to the ground, even at an angle.  Very precise over hard runways and Grass airfields as well.

Installation is straightforward with few steps, simply attach Garmin LIDAR-Lite V3 unit to your airplane in a place where it’s pointed to the ground with no obstruction on the way, find a location for the small unit controller and power it from your airplane 12v.  Attach the audio output of the controller directly to your headset or through music input available in the airplane audio panel if equipped.  

Video Note: We used our Garmin Audio Panel Music Auto-Mute input for this demonstration.  Hence, if there is any radio activity, the callout is muted automatically by the Audio Panel.  One could use non auto-mute input so the callout are kept being announced even with COM activities.  Or a mixing channel (such as ADF or NAV2 in some panels) can be used to mix both COM activities and Height callouts to be heard at the same time.

One installation on a Lancair 360










Some users are also installing the unit hidden above an access panel similar to this airplane. (Lancair VI-P)








One installation in a UK VAN’s RV. (its approved to be installed under LAA with NO MOD. Just an inspector sign off)



























































Disclaimer:  This is for visual approaches and pilots must able to see, verify, and continue safe landing regardless of the output from this product.


Landing Height Controller

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