EFIS WiFi Gateway for MGL

Coming DEC 2021.

Please email info@EngineBridge.com if you interested to be notified when its available!

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EFIS WiFi Gateway offers ADS-B IN pass-through & Flight Plan Transfer using WiFi for MGL Avionics iEFIS (and iEFIS Lite).

This WiFi Gateway for MGL is fully integrated within the latest MGL iEFIS firmware.

It connects to MGL using RS232 port and allows passing all ADS-B IN data from any GDL-90 ADS-B receiver such as Stratux and other receivers that output GDL-90 format.

The Gateway also transfers files directly to MGL iEFIS via WiFi from any phone, Tablet, or PC; eliminating the hassle of using the SD Card method.  These files include Flight Plan Transfer in GPX, FPL or native ERT MGL format.

Save your Flight Plan from popular Tablet/phone App vendors such as ForeFlight, or SkyDemon, etc… and upload using the built-in WiFi interface within the Gateway.  (We are working with EFB App vendors to integrate the Gateway Flight Plan Transfer directly within the App, so Flight Plan can be transferred using a button within the EFB App itself, Gateway own firmware update is done using WiFi when new features are released).   For now; Click “Share” on ForeFlight, or Save on others Apps and save the plan into your phone/tablet then upload to MGL using the WiFi pages of this Gateway.

  • Connects to MGL iEFIS using RS232
  • Runs in Stand-Alone Mode with its own WiFi Network to allow File Transfer if not connected to an ADS-B Receiver WiFi Network.
  • Runs in Client Mode if connected to a WiFi ADS-B Receiver.  The Stand-Alone Mode can be used to search and connect to ADS-B Receivers.
  • Upload/Transfer Flight Plans with GPX, FPL and ERT Format.
  • Upload/Transfer all acceptable MGL files






EFIS WiFi Gateway for MGL

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